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It’s 10th year since the Apple has marked the occasion with a new iPhone that doesn’t just jump one generation, it jumps several. Apple has leapt straight from iPhone 7 via 8 and all the way to iPhone X (yes, that’s how you are supposed to say it), bypassing the iPhone 7s.

Despite rumours of limited stock, the iPhone X is finally in stores. Thousands of people queued around blocks the world over to pick up the new Apple handset on launch day, in scenes we haven’t seen for a few years. All Apple had to do to get so much attention was redesign the iPhone.

The iPhone X gets the best of everything Apple and its providers have had in the lab. A new AMOLED HDR screen. A new steel frame. A new camera with dual optical stabilization. The best chipset on the market. A new front camera with depth-detection. Wireless charging. All that at the expense of a little notch.